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Basilica Cistern – Istanbul

While I was working in Istanbul last week I managed to visit the Basilica Cistern, a underground reservoir dating back to around 543AD. It’s architecturally amazing, even more so as something underground and underwater – Columns with carved capitals, carved Medusa blocks and vaulted ceilings!

If you ever find yourself over there give it a look. That and the mosques, anciant city wall, aquaducts…

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Studio FRST – 16943

This is a lovely take on two pet TV hates of mine – the redundant space you get when changing the aspect ratio of your TV, and the fact that they are all incredibly ugly. The 16943 embraces its picture as the core of its aesthetic (taking the word “picture” literally, displaying it as if it were a piece of art on a clear plinth), and the story of the product is completed only when switched on, contrary to the philosopies of many mass-market manufacturers. Its a refreshing take on the Brionvega Cuboglass which only showed its identity as a TV when turned on, otherwise it was just an aesthetically pleasing glossy cube. But that was designed 40 years ago – so how come its taken until now to rekindle this way of thinking without the need for one of was this the best we could do?

studio FRST

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Found Type

I’m a total sucker for found, aging type… and this guy has made a whole site about it… some amazing stuff on there!

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This is for you Alex. Also it’s something I’m looking into, it’s a web app used by many for online portfolio and more. Best of all it’s free. 15 Euros donation if you wish* Indexibit

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Konigi is a resource for user experience designers published by Michael Angeles. Konigi showcases examples of interface and visual design in its galleries, and points you to some of the best resources for UX in its notebook.”

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Fantastic Online Lectures

Available online through the Academic Earth organisations website are videoed lectures from some the leading universities of the USA. It’s absolutely terrific, entire courses available to watch for free!

I’ve started working my way through Yale’s Introduction To Psychology course. Great way to kill a train journey.

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I made it onto Google Maps!

A Google Maps branded car drove past me in St Johns Wood during the summer – I’ve been waiting since then for Street View to go live and see if I made it on… I did!

Here I am!

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