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starter dough:

150g Allison strong white pizza flour (12% protein content)
85g water (bottled water)
1/2 table spoon of  *sea salt
1/2 sachet instant yeast


mix flour and water together for 2-3 mins
leave  mixture to rest for 1hour
add yeast and sea salt
knead the mixture 8-10 minutes

knead like a pro

leave dough to rise 1-12 hours (refrigerate if left to rise long)

main dough:

300g flour
195g water
1 table spoon *sea salt
1 sachet instant yeast

repeat mixing step adding the starter dough to the mixture
leave to rise for 12hours (refrigerate)
2-3 hours before cooking remove dough from fridge, divide dough mixture into 4 equal parts and leave to rise for 1-2 hours before cooking.

form the pizza base:


Canned tomatoes (cooked on hob to reduce liquid)
Mozzarella chopped into 1cm cubes
olive oil
(in that order)

place on the bottom of a preheated oven at max temperature, cook for 5-7 mins.

Or you can just go to Franco Manca in brixton. Thank you to Roberta and Thomas.


Looks fantastic! My dough always seems too dense, never quite elastic enough. I’ll hav to give this a try. Perhaps I should have a weekend of cooking nothing but pizza and hone my skills…

Franco Manca is amazing, I’m lucky enough ti live just around the corner. Mmmm

Alex added these words on May 13 09 at 8:04 am

I’m a bus ride away from Brixton I have the P4 bus that can take me directly to Brixton. lets go for a pizza sometime.

Bona added these words on May 13 09 at 10:38 am